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Dates, Positions & Salaries

2023 DATES

Spring Season: May 22-June 1

Equestrian Staff: May 26 arrival

Advisory Staff Training: May 29-June 2 (Senior Program Director, Hill, Valley, Teen & Day Camp Directors)

Director Training: June 2-7 (Activity, Village & Day Camp Program Directors)

Certs Week: June 7-13 (Lifeguards, Ropes) / June 11-13 (Athletics)

Staff Week: June 13-24 (All staff)

Summer Camp: June 25-August 19

Fall Season: August 20-Sept 8



Invite your friends to join you at camp! When you refer a friend to camp, you'll receive a $100 bonus, as long as they complete their contract. There's no limit to the referral bonuses so reach out to all your friends. If you have someone in mind, please contact us at



Program Staff Base Pay
Counselor in Training (CIT) Volunteer position
Camp Counselor $468/week
Activity Director $528/week
Day Camp Program Director $528/week
Village Director $546/week
Teen Director $570/week
Hill/Valley Camp Director $570/week
Day Camp Director $570/week
Senior Program Director $570/week
Summer Assistant Director $570/week
Social Worker $660/week


Support Staff Base Pay
Kitchen / Maintenance / Office Staff $468/week
Media/Photographer $468/week
Camp Driver $468/week
Nurses $1200/week


All first-year international staff will receive the $468/wk rate and we will deduct the agency fees that we are required to pay as appropriate. Returners will be paid at the $468/wk rate (or what your salary level is) and we will simply deduct your agency fee from your summer salary. For some, this may be $35 and for others, it could be $500 - it just depends on your agency.



All staff are eligible to receive a completion bonus when they work their agreed summer dates. The starting completion bonus is $100. For a 2nd-year staff it is $300, 3rd-year staff is $500, 4th plus is $700 (capped at this level). 



Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we suggest that you apply as early as possible. We begin hiring returning staff as early as October and we recommend having new staff applications submitted by December.

Please email PRIOR to applying, as we currently only have a handful of positions available.