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Camp Life

Your most important role at Sloane is leading your tent. You'll live in one of our canvas-walled, platform tents with 6-7 campers and you may have a co-counselor. Your job is keeping campers safe and healthy, being a positive role model, helping campers learn & grow, cultivating friendships & belonging, & making sure everyone has fun.

Tents are grouped into ‘Villages’. There are 4 Villages in Hill Camp (Girls+) and 4 Villages in Valley Camp (Boys+). We also have our ‘Teen’ Village. Each Village has its own bathroom. Each Village is led by an experienced Village Director who supports camp counselors and plans special village programs. 

In addition to living with a tent group, all our counselors also teach in an activity area. As an instructor, you’ll work with other counselors in your activity, under the guidance of an Activity Director. Your Activity Director will help you draw on your own experiences, as well as teach you new skills, that will enable you to plan and run classes successfully. See a list of our Activities.

Camp Life






7:15am Wake up Wake up your campers
8:00am Morning Flag Attend flag ceremony & morning announcements
8:15am Breakfast Sit & eat with your tent group
9:00am Village Time Get campers ready for activities
9:20am Areas of Responsibility Lead campers in a clean-up of camp
9:30am Activity Period 1 Teach a class
10:30am Activity Period 2 Teach a class
11:30am Activity Period 3 Teach a class
12:20pm Village Time Tidy tent, change clothes
12:45pm Lunch Sit & eat with your tent group
1:30pm Oval Recess. Supervise & have fun
2:00pm Rest Hour Be with your campers in your tent
3:00pm Free Swim Supervise & play at pool or lake
3:55pm Tent Bonding Time Lead an activity for your tent
4:45pm R&R Supervise & play in Village
5:30pm Eventide Lead/attend reflective session
5:50pm Evening Flag Attend flag ceremony & evening announcements
6:00pm Dinner Sit & eat with your tent group
7:00pm Evening Program Lead/participate in Village activity/all-camp event
8:30pm Bedtime Preparations Get campers ready for bed
9:00pm Vespers Lead bedtime chats with your tent
9:40pm Village Duty/Free Time On duty in Village/enjoy your free time
11:30pm Staff Curfew Be back in Village and go to bed


*These times reflect a day in the life of a camp counselor in Overnight Camp. Day Camp counselors follow a similar schedule just with slightly different timings e.g. Day Camp have two activity periods in the morning, eat lunch at 11:45, and have 3 activity periods in the afternoon. Day Camp counselors will re-join their tent and village for dinner, evening program, and nighttime duties.

Does it seem a little overwhelming? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know during our 10-day Staff Orientation, before campers arrive.