Camp Sloane YMCA Starts In

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What Our Staff Say

“This year was my first summer in camp, and to say I was nervous would have been an understatement. But when I arrived it was so nice to see [the directors], familiar faces in a totally new place. They truly made the summer magical for me. From the activities they ran in staff training, to the amazing team you built, all of it really made the summer an experience I’ll never forget.”

“Get ready for one of the best summers of your life. I remember the day when I boarded the plane at Heathrow for my first trip aboard on my own to Camp Sloane. I was nervous and excited. But within the first week of camp I knew it was the best decision I have ever made. Camp has really helped me back at home, it looks impressive on my CV and employers love to hear about my experience. And I think it goes without saying, the impact you have on these kids is incredible, they love to see returning, and by sleeping in a tent, removing the technology you can watch them make new friends and learn new skills. I will always remember the kid that I taught to ride a bike without training wheels, the kid I taught to swim without armbands. Also seeing the older kids be themselves and dance around the dining hall without worrying if they look cool!”

“It’s difficult to explain, and probably will not make any sense whatsoever when you’re halfway through Session 4 with unfortunate killer tan lines,camp songs playing in your head constantly, and if you get another bug bite you think you might scream. BUT- Working at camp is without a doubt the most life-changing experience I have ever had, and that’s why I have kept being drawn back to it. I am stronger, more resilient, more confident, more tolerant, and more adventurous because of my experience at camp. The best part about working at Sloane is the real sense of family. Everyone is in it together, there is always someone available to listen, or listen to.”

“Everyone’s first year at camp is special, your second makes you feel like an absolute boss, but for me, the real turning point where Camp turned into my career was the third. Ask anyone who has been at camp for more than 3 years, and they’ll tell you the same thing, 3 really is the magic number...and it quickly turns into 5, or 6...or 7 or 8.”

“For me, the most rewarding thing was the connection made. With the kids, and staff members. I made the best friends across the world and I learned so much surrounded by people who truly cared. I loved camp because of the people! I loved the connections made with the young people, and especially watching them grow - for example, the kids who had been at camp for 7 or 8 weeks in day camp.”

When asked what was their most rewarding part of their summer, here is how some of our staff answered:

“Being able to make kids who didn’t believe in themselves believe themselves”

“Watching kids grow and all of us grow closer as a team/family.”

“When the kids would come up and say how excited they were for their lessons the next day and when they were proud of themselves after learning something new”

“Kids that had no confidence getting up on stage and dancing for the whole camp. Seeing a junior boy finally getting a move he'd practiced for the whole class. Being told by my camper's parents that all they talked about in their letters was dance classes. Just in general giving Sloane a different taste of the arts.”