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What Our Campers Say

"Endless friends, endless activity, endless creativity, and a sprinkle of tradition." - 3 year camper

"So much adventure and you actually sleep in tents!" - 3 year camper

“I love going to Camp Sloane sleepaway for the last 3 years, everyone there is really welcoming, and the activities are super fun!! I've met a lot of friends and I can't wait for summer to go back to a place that's familiar.” - 4 year camper

“I love Camp Sloane because I get to meet new people and bond with them over similar interests. Camp Sloane offers many activities that are fun even during rainy days.” - 4 year camper

“My 4 weeks at Sloane this summer were the best I’ve ever had...thank you for showing me the ins and outs of high ropes, climbing tower and belaying.” - former CIT camper

“I want to go to camp because I like hanging out with my friends. I like playing gaga ball. I like the nachos with cheese. I also like the counselors.” - Day Camper

“The best times that I have ever had have been at Sloane. I hope one day I’ll be able to come back and a be a counselor!”– 4 year camper

“Dear Camp Sloane, I miss you so much! I still sing Purple Soup and my village song in my head. I can’t wait to come back.” - 1st time camper

“I had a lot of fun at camp, meeting new kids, tryning new stuff. Camp was new to me and it meant a lot to be at Camp Sloane.” - 1st time camper

“I love camp because at camp I’m promoted and enabled to feel comfortable in my own skin...I feel free, happy and unconditionally loved in an environment with infinite opportunities to learn and grow. We learn to make real, human connections with our counselors and fellow campers due to our lack of technology and social media.” - 7 year camper

From our camper surveys:

“I achieved making new friends and being independent.”

“I feel safe because I see other people being themselves and think I can be myself too.”

“I achieved getting the torch award at the end of the session and I loved everything about camp.”

“I feel safe because of the people and counselors!”

“Everyone is supportive at camp and I made amazing friends.”

“I conquered my fear of heights and loved my friends and fellow LEADs.”