Camp Sloane YMCA Starts In

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Our Mission

“The Camp Sloane YMCA mission is to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through character-based programs that positively impact the lives of campers and staff and builds healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.”

Others First Philosophy

Our camp motto is ‘others’ and we promote that idea in every aspect of camp. It is an important part of our program that every camper and staff member puts others first to enrich the experience of everyone here at camp.

Core Values

Honesty - At camp, it is important to be true to yourself, be honest about our capabilities and be open to sharing that with others

Caring - Camp friends are friends for life and building strong relationships with new friends and role models is an important part of the camp experience.

Respect - Trying new activities allows our campers to build confidence and self-respect and we follow the rule of treating others the way that they want to be treated.

Responsibility - Every camper helps out in their village and with tent tidiness, building new levels of initiative and independence

Building Blocks

Camp Sloane has all of the great activities that you would expect but what sets us apart is our foundation of building blocks: cooperation, inclusion, trust, growth, loyalty, and perseverance. We aim to instill these values in our campers and staff in order for them to thrive and grow. Through the endless summer fun at Camp Sloane, kids learn to truly be their essential selves, relish in their personal and group accomplishments and are set up for success both in and out of camp.