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Financial Assistance

Tiered Pricing

Camp Sloane YMCA understands that families have different abilities to pay for camp and we provide one of the most valuable experiences in your child’s life so we strive to make it attainable for all with Tiered Pricing. When registering simply choose the tier level that you can afford. Your selection is confidential and all campers experience the same camp programs regardless of the tier selected. Need a payment plan? Contact us for more information.

Tier 1: This tier accurately reflects the true cost of camp for each camper, including meals, programming, staff, maintenance, and upkeep, utilities, insurance, equipment repairs, overhead and depreciation. If you are able to pay this amount, please do so. Thank you. 

Tier 2: This tier is a partially subsidized rate funded by donations made to Camp Sloane. This tier reflects the basic cost for each camper, including food, staff, programming and some maintenance and upkeep.

Tier 3: This tier is an even more heavily subsidized rate funded by donations made to Camp Sloane. This tier is for families whose children would not be able to attend camp otherwise. This tier reflects the most basic cost for each camper including food, staff, and supplies.

Tier 4: We provide more significant financial assistance to families that demonstrate need through our Campership Program. This is a variable rate for families whose financial assistance need is greater than the subsidized rates. For more information, see below. This tier is made possible through donations to Camp Sloane.


Financial Aid Application Guidelines

Incomplete applications will not be considered. A complete application includes:

  • Financial Aid Application to be filled out online
  • Camper Story: Please have your child write a brief statement explaining why they would like to attend camp. You can email this to
  • Tax return (most recent) showing annual income- paystub will not be accepted as a form of income. You can upload this to your camper account through “forms and documents.”
  • Documentation explaining your current financial circumstances
  • $100 deposit per application (refundable if aid is not awarded)

Program add-ons such as Horseback lessons, Waterski lessons, camp store accounts, transportation fees, and special experiences are not eligible for assistance.

  1. While Camp Sloane may choose to verify information provided, financial aid applications are kept confidential. Each will be reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis.
  2. 100% camperships are not awarded. It is our belief that some portion, dependent upon the ability to pay, should be contributed by the applicant to provide a sense of commitment and responsibility toward helping provide the camp experience for the child.
  3. Camp Sloane reserves the right to reassign sessions based on enrollment and camp needs. We make every effort to place your children in the session requested.
  4. Please note that if a child is awarded financial aid, the camper may be asked to write about his/her camping experience so we can share this with our donors who have made it possible for them to attend. Campers’ names will be kept confidential at all times.

To apply for financial aid you will register online, as normal, and choose Tier 4. The application will filter in at that point. If you have questions regarding the application please call our office at 860-435-2557 or email