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Health, Food and Safety

Safety doesn’t happen by accident!

Camp Sloane’s commitment to the health and safety of every camper is of the utmost importance. Camp should feel like an extension of your home; we care for your child and pay close attention to their well-being.


You’re entrusting us with the most precious people in your life and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Here is what we have deemed as important factors that contribute to your camper’s health and safety at camp:

  • Professional Team (including a licensed Social Worker)
  • Mature, Well-Trained, Responsible Staff
  • Safe Activities
  • Healthy, Nutritious Food
  • Medical Professionals
  • Excellent Facilities

In addition, Camp Sloane is licensed by the State of Connecticut and accredited by the American Camp Association, meaning that we have undergone a thorough review (300+ standards) of our operation—from staff qualifications to emergency management.

We also work with a group called Praesidium, which identifies eight organizational operations that provide opportunities to decrease the risk of abuse by employees, volunteers, or other program participants. All of our staff go through extensive background checks before coming on-board and they must also go through about 8 hours of sexual abuse prevention training.


The best way to ensure that campers have a great summer is by making sure they are healthy. Our staff check in with campers individually each day to make sure they’re drinking lots of water, getting enough to eat, washing their hands, brushing their teeth, taking showers, changing clothes, using bug spray, applying sunscreen, and sleeping enough.

Our well-equipped Health Center has two on-site nurses during the day. In addition to dispensing your child’s medications, these experienced medical professionals provide excellent care to campers while regularly communicating with parents back home.

All campers will be required to have medical history paperwork on file including a current physician's form and up-to-date immunization records. The more that you share with us, the easier it is for our nurses and staff to ensure a healthy and successful time at camp.


Active kids need great food to keep them energized. At Sloane, the food is all you can eat and delicious. Campers eat most meals family-style with their tent-mates in the dining hall with the exception of special cookouts when campers eat outside with the whole of camp. Campers enjoy three hearty meals per day. Our kitchen always provides a second or third option for campers that would prefer that instead of the main meal, such as pasta, salad bar, make-your-own wraps, and soup.

We are a nut-free facility and we can accommodate dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diets. If your camper has other dietary restrictions, food issues or a combination of the above allergies, please contact us at to make sure that we can support your camper’s needs.

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