Camp Sloane YMCA Starts In

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What Our Parents Say

Don’t believe us that Camp Sloane is for you? See what our families have to say about us…

"As a life-long Brooklyn kid, just about everything I know about nature came from my summers at Camp Sloane. I also learned a lot about teamwork and respect for others there, and I think those lessons make me a better manager and business owner today." - Jake Dobkin, the publisher, and co-founder of

"Quality and experienced management; excellent counselors and guidance; great parental hand-holding; beautiful, rustic setting & mind-boggling activity offerings."

"(At check-in) there was virtually no waiting; the staff was efficient, organized, welcoming, and able to answer every question. Fantastic!"

“Camp Sloane is a great place for kids to disconnect from electronics, make new friends and have fun experiences.” - Parent of a 2nd-year camper

"I absolutely could not have been happier with Camp Sloane. (My children) were thrilled to attend. They even talked about returning next summer while we were driving home from their session!"

“Some of the factors which contributed to my son’s thoroughly enjoyable 2 weeks are: Shark Week [elective activity] - he appreciated learning the butterfly stroke and to dive; Color Wars - he loves the friendly competition; Archery both weeks; square dance night invited by a girl Senior; his bunk friend request went through without a hitch; his Senior counselors were awesome.” - Parent of a 2nd-year camper

"At the end of the day it’s all about the counselors and Camp Sloane manages to consistently find and motivate excellent staff. How you do it all around the world amazes me."

“I felt the reception from the front gate all the way through to the tent area was phenomenal. All the staff was kind, friendly and inviting! We had two kids going to two different camps that day. Being our kids 1st time at overnight camp for both, I must say, my son’s reception from his counselors the minute we drove up to the tent area in the car was wonderful. They were willing to help get him settled & set-up in his tent while another counselor took me to the side and asked me some personal questions to help ease his transition to camp. Everyone was there playing games and interacting with each other. It was a quick transition process, but yet inviting and not rushed. One of the counselors asked Lorenzo to join in, we said our goodbyes, and then left. Not only did a counselor call me through the week without me asking them to, but I also sent a postcard on how Lorenzo was adjusting and what he was doing. He even got a “report card” from horseback riding, which he thoroughly enjoyed!” - Parent of a 1st-year camper

"I think Camp Sloane is a wonderful outdoor experience. My son had a great time. I got a very strong sense of teamwork and respect for/of each other. It was great to see the boys shaking hands/hugging as we were leaving."

“My daughter had such an amazing time at Camp Sloane. She went there with friends and still managed to meet new ones. She took part in so many different activities and the counselors were so approachable and friendly towards her that she felt at home from the start.” - Parent of a 1st-year camper