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Counselor In Training Program

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is a four-week staff experience aimed at preparing teens for the responsibility of working with youth. CITs will learn about managing a tent group through both leadership workshops and practical experience working with younger campers. CITs learn about working with children of different ages and abilities, how to create and manage positive group dynamics, and how to assist campers with behavior or adjustment issues. CITs will live in a tent with younger campers as an assistant to an experienced counselor, as well as support in an activity area that they could see themselves teaching as a counselor in the future. 

CIT is an application-based program and applicants must be at least rising 12th graders to apply. You do not have to have completed the LEAD program to be eligible for CIT, however, applicants who have will be considered above applicants who have not.

The CIT position is that of a staff member - CITs get all the same benefits of being on staff e.g. access to the staff lodge, use of wifi & phones in the staff lodge, one day off per week, and free time in the evenings. CITs will not be solely responsible for a group of campers - their goal is to learn and gain experience so they can return to camp the following summer ready to take on the challenge of being a full counselor.

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Unlike traditional summer camp, the CIT program is not “first-come, first-served”. The program requires an application and acceptance is competitive. While we take into consideration the written application and reference forms, the applicant’s behavior during their time at Camp Sloane is the most heavily weighted factor in the selection process. Ultimately, we select the applicants who will best serve as role models to younger campers and age peers alike. In particular, we look for maturity, judgment, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, good character/values, interpersonal skills, and an embodiment of our “Others” motto.

The priority deadline for applications and references is January 1. Applicants will then be emailed to set up an interview. Applicants are notified of the acceptance decision by the end of February. At that time, applicants who are accepted into the CIT program will have two weeks to secure their spot. There is no fee for the CIT program.

If you’re interested in the CIT program, please submit the online application below using your own email address to create an account. DO NOT USE YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN’S ACCOUNT. You’ll be prompted to fill in information for a reference who can attest to your character and work ethic. (e.g. teachers, coaches, pastors, employers). Your application is not complete until we receive the reference form back.

If you have any questions, please email