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International Campers

“He [my son] had met so many nice friends and staff, been through so [many] good activities and he really loved the camp weeks. He also had to talk English for 2 weeks and it was very good for him and it will probably help him in school.” - Parent of an international camper

At Camp Sloane, we have a rich history of welcoming campers and staff from around the world to join us in the beautiful Berkshires. Most of our international campers attend two sessions (four weeks) and they are able to immerse themselves in American camp culture and practice their English.

Below are some answers to many of the questions that our international families have asked us. To ensure a positive summer experience, we ask that you please review this information thoroughly. If you still have questions, please email us at or call the office at +1-860-435-2557.

Flight Information and Transportation

Before booking, contact the office at to check that your travel plans fit within our parameters. Located just 2.5 hours away from New York City, Camp Sloane is very easy to travel to. We can provide transportation to and from the airport for a fee of $590/camper. Transportation runs on a limited timetable and is ONLY available to/from JFK or LaGuardia. 

If your child will be traveling as an unaccompanied minor, we will confirm the name of the Camp Sloane staff member who will be picking up your camper at the airport no later than one week before the scheduled flight.

Some parents do choose to fly with their campers and drop them off at camp. We do offer a pickup and drop-off for families at our local train station for a small fee. Please contact the office for more information on this option.

Where do campers stay?

All of our campers live in platform tents, the way that camp should be! There are four villages for boys+ and four villages for girls+, each with 6-7 tents. There are 6-7 campers that stay in each tent, depending on the age, with 1-2 counselors.

We understand that a big part of your child's camp experience is being in a tent with American campers and we do our best to meet this expectation. Villages are assigned based on campers' rising school grade. You will be asked this question during registration. If you are not sure which American grade your camper is in, we have provided some helpful charts below. If your country is not listed, please contact the office at and we can assist you. 

Age France Spain UK USA
5 G.S. P5 Year 1 Kindergarten
6 C.P. 1º Primaria Year 2 1st Grade (Elementary School)
7 C.E. 1 2º Primaria Year 3 2nd Grade (Elementary School)
8 C.E. 2 3º Primaria Year 4 3rd Grade (Elementary School)
9 C.M. 1 4º Primaria Year 5 4th Grade (Elementary School)
10 C. M. 2 5º Primaria Year 6 5th Grade (Elementary School)
11 6ème 6º Primaria Year 7 6th Grade (Middle School)
12 5ème 1º ESO Year 8 7th Grade (Middle School)
13 4ème 2º ESO Year 9 8th Grade (Middle School)
14 3ème 3º ESO Year 10 9th Grade (High School)
15 2ème 4º ESO Year 11 10th Grade (High School)
16 1ème 1 BACH Year 12 11th Grade (High School)
17 Terminale 2 BACH Year 13 12th Grade (High School)


Contact With Your Camper While at Camp

If your camper is flying unaccompanied, we will contact you directly via email to let you know that your camper has arrived safely at camp. Your camper can bring a mobile phone with them to use during their travels, but we will lock it up in the camp safe for the duration of their camp session.

Your camper will be able to regularly send handwritten postcards and letters home and you can mail them as well. Family members can also email campers through our Camp InTouch system, which we print out for campers each day.

If your camper is staying for more than two weeks, they will be able to call home during the intersession weekend.

Camp Logistics

Laundry, Bedding, and Toiletries

If your camper stays for more than two weeks, we will provide complimentary laundry service. We ask all of our campers to pack enough clothes to complete one full session (two weeks). Campers must pack their necessary toiletries, a towel, and sheets. They will also require a sleeping bag and pillow, however, we can provide these for an additional fee.

Medical Insurance

All of our campers must be covered by medical insurance while attending camp. If your current insurance doesn't cover your camper's stay in America, we recommend travel insurance with adequate coverage should a potentially large medical expense be required.

Passport Storage

We will store all important documents, passports, visas, plane tickets, etc. in our camp safe for the duration of your camper's stay at camp.


We accept all major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. If you have other financial questions, please contact our office at

Pocket Money

Your camper will not need money while at camp. You can create a store account for them through their online camper account when you register them for camp. This will allow them to purchase Camp Sloane apparel and other essential camp items such as water bottles, friendship bracelet string, and a pillow. If your camper has money on them for traveling purposes, we can lock it up in our office safe for the duration of their camp session.