Camp Sloane YMCA Starts In

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Our Story

Camp Sloane YMCA - More than just camp!

We have been providing children with a place to grow since 1928 in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Lakeville, Connecticut. Camp Sloane has been built around the things we know you as a parent are looking for. Safety is our #1 priority, we employ a high-quality and well-trained staff and we offer a wide range of fun and exciting activities. Everything that we do is based on our four core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. One of the things we do best is to help your child make new and strong friendships every day.

Unplugged and In-tents!

Since 1928 our campers have lived in our canvas walled, platform tents - the way camp should be.  Tent villages are split up by grade and gender. Living in these villages, campers get to experience a sense of community like nowhere else. We are tech-free and campers are given the opportunity to engage in creative play and communication. There are few times in a child’s life when they aren’t stressed with school, peer pressure, and after-school schedules. Camp Sloane YMCA offers a great way for your child to 'unplug' from these day-to-day activities.

A balanced schedule - choice-based programming and tent bonding time

Camp Sloane provides a choice-based, progressive program that fits the individual needs and interests of each camper. Campers get to choose their own classes and activities in the morning, all of which help them build skills, confidence, and self-respect. Afternoons at camp are for building relationships with your tent, village, and counselors while still getting to try your hand at one of the many activities that we offer.

Professional Role Models

Camp Sloane has a reputation for having responsible, caring, and highly-qualified staff. We train our staff to lead our campers by example, demonstrating honesty, respect, and responsibility in all that they do. Our Camp Director interviews, checks references and secure background checks on all prospective staff. Our great staff to camper ratio means that there are plenty of positive adult role models to provide your camper with a great camp experience