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Bunk Requests

How to request a bunkmate

Remember, we will only guarantee ONE reciprocal request that follows our bunking guidelines:

  • Each camper may only request one other camper
  • Both campers must request each other (aka the request must be 'reciprocal')
  • Both campers must be in the same grade and in the same camp (Hill - girls+ / Valley - boys+) — if one camper is older, they will need drop down to the younger village (we can only accommodate this when there is no more than a one year grade difference).
  • You can put in your bunk request at the time of registering or simply email us at Requests must be made at least two weeks before your session. After the two-week mark, we cannot make any guarantees even if the request is reciprocal.
  • Camp Sloane is not able to make tent changes at check-in for any reason.
  • We cannot accommodate more than one tent mate per camper because it can have a negative impact on the other campers inthe tent. Camp is about building relationships and making new friends.

These guidelines apply to both Overnight & Day Camp