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Staying In Contact

As we are a tech-free camp, we do not allow campers to bring their phones with them to camp, nor do we have campers call home unless in an emergency. There are, however, a number of ways you can stay in contact with your camper while they are at camp.


Email (aka 'Bunk Notes')

Through your CampInTouch account, navigate to the ‘Camper Email’ section where you can send emails/pictures to your camper. We will print and distribute them daily. 

This service is operated by an independent company and there is a nominal fee for each email, which you pay for with ‘CampStamps’ through your online account. You may also authorize guest accounts for friends and family. Your camper will not be able to email you back, but can instead write an old-fashioned letter.



A simple note twice a week asking lots of questions about activities and friends can have a huge impact on the camper’s life away from home.  

For younger or new campers, we recommend that you mail your first letter by the Friday prior to arrival so that it will get to camp in time for the first mail call on Monday.

Mail should be addressed as follows:

(Full Name of Camper)

Village Assignment- (i.e. Valley Pio/Hill Senior)

Camp Sloane YMCA

124 Indian Mountain Road

Lakeville, CT  06039


Letters From Your Camper

We strongly encourage our campers to write home to talk about the fun they are having at camp.  We suggest sending pens, paper, and pre-addressed stamped envelopes. Please help your camper write the addresses on the envelopes ahead of time so we can be sure you will get your mail.



Packages mailed to camp are signed out and given to campers daily.  All packages are opened in the presence of a counselor.  Please do not send any candy, gum, food, or soda to your camper.  Food items found in packages will be discarded. Food stored in tents outdoors may attract animals. Please reinforce your camper's experience at camp by adhering to this policy. Campers will receive a snack every afternoon between lunch and dinner.