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Medication & Health

Health Lodge

The Health Lodge is overseen by our camp physician and is staffed with a registered nurse 24 hours a day. Campers will have the opportunity to visit the Health Lodge for medications prior to Breakfast & Dinner and we have a 'sick call' after each meal.

Parents/guardians will be notified if the following occur: emergency situations, hospital visits, camp physician or dentist visits, or overnights in the Health Lodge.  Parents will not be called for routine visits to the Health Lodge. 

All medicines, prescription or otherwise, are distributed by the nurses. Campers with non-emergent medical concerns may visit the Health Lodge during “open hours”, which is after each meal. Campers who become ill will sleep in the Health Lodge overnight. In the event that campers need to see a doctor, we will take them to one of the following three places depending on the urgency of the situation and appointment availability - Sharon Hospital (Sharon, CT), Northwest Hills Pediatrics (Sharon, CT), Hartford Healthcare Urgent Care (Torrington, NY). 


Medical Forms

All medical forms must be submitted to camp BEFORE your arrival!  We ask this as it makes your check-in process as simple and easy as possible for everyone. American Camping Association and Connecticut law state that incomplete and/or unsigned forms are unacceptable and will prevent your child from staying at camp.   

To locate your medical forms, please log into your CampInTouch account. Scroll down to the 'Forms and Documents' section. 

  • Health History – This is an online form.
  • Individual Plan of Care - This is an online form.
  • Parent authorization – Please print, photocopy your insurance card and sign at the bottom.
  • Physical Examination – Print our form and have your child’s doctor fill it in OR your doctor’s form will be sufficient also.
  • Immunization Record – Print our form and have your child’s doctor fill it in OR your doctor’s form will be sufficient also.

MEDICATIONS: If your child will take ANY medication (prescription or non-prescription) while at camp – you MUST fill out the Medication Authorization form, and have the doctor sign it. The form must be printed out and handed to the camp nurse upon arrival (you do not upload it to your account), along with the medication in its original prescription container. This form is required by the state of Connecticut.

Once all your forms are filled out, please upload them back into your camper account via the ‘Forms & Documents' section. If you need help uploading your forms, please call our office at 860-435-2557.


Important To Know

  • ALL medications (prescription & OTC) must be authorized by a physician and the Medication Authorization Form must be filled in and signed by your doctor. This includes medications such as daily vitamins or melatonin.
  • For your child to receive non-prescription medications such as Tylenol or Benadryl, you must complete the page of the health history form authorizing the nursing staff to do so. 
  • All medications with the exception of an inhaler or epi-pen will be kept in the health lodge. Medications must be in the original prescription container. Medications must be claimed at the end of each session and by law, they cannot be mailed home.

Mental Health

The mental health of our campers and staff is of the utmost importance while they are here at camp. We have a licensed Social Worker on site who works with campers (and parents) to help ensure every camper's success. If your camper sees a mental health professional during the year, we recommend this does not stop when they come to camp. We have a dedicated, private space in our Health Lodge for online therapy sessions, and our Social worker will work with you to set this up for your camper. Please contact us via phone (860-435-2557) or email ( if you have any questions.