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Check In & Check Out Days

Overnight Camp


Check-in is always between 1PM & 3PM for ALL SESSIONS.

Arrival times will be allocated by grade - 1-2PM: 8th-11th & 2-3PM: 4th-7th. If you have both an older and a younger camper, please check in at the 2-3pm time slot. If you are delayed call our office at 860-435-2557.  

Our whole check-in process is drive-thru, and there is no need to exit your vehicle until you reach your camper’s village.

Once you arrive, please make your way to the center of camp (the ‘Oval’) where you will check in with one of our camp directors. If your camper has medications or needs to check in with the nurse, you will be directed to bring the medication to the nurse’s station. 

Families will then be directed to a village check-in location where they will meet the Village Directors and be given their tent assignment. Families will park at the unloading zone at their child’s village and a Sloane staff member will greet you, help bring your camper’s luggage to their tent and introduce them ot their new tent-mates. This is the perfect time to give your camper a HUGE hug and wish them a great time! 



Check-out is always between 10AM & 12PM for ALL SESSIONS.

Check-out will also be a drive-thru procedure. Upon arrival at camp, you will be greeted and directed to your child’s check-out location. 

The first stop after greeting will be to sign the check-out document. Please have an ID ready for inspection. You will also receive information about saving your spot for next summer. If you have medications to collect from the camp nurse, you will stop at the nurse’s station. After signing out/collecting medications you will then be directed to your camper’s village. Please park in the designated area and a staff member will help bring your camper’s luggage to the car. Once you have your camper and luggage in the car give them a huge hug – they will be excited to see you! As you are leaving the village have a discussion about next summer - You can save your spot by dropping off the paperwork at the welcome hut by the front entrance.

If you have a credit balance in your Camp Store Account you will have 2 options:    

  • Donate the leftover funds to our Annual Campaign and help more children experience Sloane! 
  • Request a refund by emailing by September 30th.
  • Refunds will only be given for credits greater than $25.00.  All outstanding store balances will be donated to our Annual Campaign if not claimed by the deadline of September 30th. 

If you require early check-out, please call the office at 860-435-2557 to make arrangements.


Day Camp


Drop-off is from 8:45AM-9:15AM each day

Please be mindful that the first day is VERY important - make every effort to arrive on time. If you are delayed call our office at 860-435-2557.

On the first day of the session, you will be greeted at the entrance to camp, receive instructions from a staff member, and then you will park and walk your campers into Day Camp to meet their counselor and new friends. For the rest of your session, you will drive around the Day Camp triangle counter-clockwise, a staff member will let your child out of the car and they will head into Day Camp.

If you have medications to drop off or need to complete paperwork, you will be asked to park to one side and check in with the nurse.



Pick-up is from 4:15PM-4:45PM each day

Bring your photo ID! You will need it to sign your child out of camp. You must inform the office in writing if anyone other than the parent/guardian will check the camper out of camp!

You will be greeted by a staff member who will check your ID and radio to your camper’s counselor to have them ready for pick up. You’ll be directed to drive around the Day Camp triangle counter-clockwise, stopping at the gate, where your camper will come to meet you.

If you require early check-out, please call the office at 860-435-2557 to make arrangements.



Drop-off at 7:30AM / Pick-up by 5:30PM

We also offer Before & After care for an extra cost. You must sign up in advance for this service.

BEFORE CARE: You will drop your camper/s off at the camp office at 7:30AM. They will attend breakfast in our Dining Hall

AFTER CARE: You will pick your camper/s up at the day camp gate by 5:30PM.