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Welcome to Camp Sloane YMCA

The Sloane Difference

Sending your child to summer camp will be one of the most important choices you will ever make for them. They will gain life skills here they could not be taught as well any where else: communication, collaboration, problem solving and much more. So naturally the second most important choice you will make will be which summer camp you send them to. Here is why we believe Camp Sloane is the best summer camp in the world and why you should choose us for your campers this summer! 

Camping Heritage

Nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Lakeville, Connecticut, Camp Sloane YMCA has been providing children with a place to grow since 1928. Across the last 85+ summer seasons we have built our camp around the things we know you as a parent are looking for. Safety is our #1 priority, we employ a high quality and well trained staff, We offer a wide range of fun and exciting activities which are all based on our four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Perhaps one of the things we do best is actively teach friendship making, and help your child make new and better friends every day.  

Tent Camping

The way camping should be! Since 1928 our campers have lived in our canvas walled, platform tents. Each have bunks for 5-7 campers and 1-2 counselors. Tent Villages are made up of 5-7 tents and are split by grade and gender. Boys live all the way at the bottom of our 270-acre property, and girls live all the way at the top. Living in these villages, campers get to experience a sense of community like no where else. Though there are modern bathroom facilities, campers do not have access to electronics, phones or game consoles. They are given the opportunity to engage in creative play and communication. There are few times in a child’s life when they aren’t stressed with school, peer pressure, and afterschool schedules. Camp Sloane YMCA offers a great way for your child to 'unplug' from these day-to-day activities.

New Skills

Gaining new skills, increased self respect and a sense of independence are trademarks of our program. Learning to shoot a bull's-eye in archery or learning to work with a fellow camper to sail a sloop around the lake gives campers a sense of achievement. Learning the perseverance and patience to gain those skills is what really builds a camper's positive sense of self. Because we take this "two layered" approach to camp, campers leave Camp Sloane not only with new skills but also with a better sense of what it means to be a caring, honest, respectful and responsible person, both for themselves and others. We are so confident in our ability to do this for your camper that we offer a money back guarantee!

Role Models

High quality, well-trained role models are the type of people we seek to join our staff. We select our staff because they demonstrate good character. We train them to lead our campers by example, demonstrating caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in all they do. Our Camp Director interviews, checks references and secures criminal background checks on all prospective staff. Our 1:3 staff to camper ratio means that there are plenty of positive adult role models to provide your camper with a great camp experience.

Please continue to explore our website, to find out more about why Camp Sloane is the right choice for you this summer. Take a look at our SUMMER CAMP or DAY CAMP page to explore our programs in more detail. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.