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Family Camp

Family Camp Weekend

Join us for three days of fun and relaxation!

Friday, September 1, 2017 — Monday, September 4, 2017

Sometimes you need to disconnect to make real connections. Spend quality time with your family before the hectic school year starts again and reconnect with nature here at the serene surroundings of Camp Sloane!

Whether you are Camp Sloane Alum, a returning Camp Sloane family or you simply want to see what Camp Sloane is all about, this is the weekend to turn off your phones, disconnect from your screens and focus on the simpler things in life.

Sign up today for this incredible weekend of fun, adventurous connections. Camp is calling! 

Camping for the entire family

Climb the tower, zip the biplane or swing from the trees!

Take a boat out for an afternoon on the water or waterski around Long Pond

Put your dancing shoes on for a traditional Camp Sloane square dance! 

Or just relax by your families assigned tent, and enjoy some downtime around the campfire!

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Full Weekend Prices 

Per Day Rates (Includes 1 full day at camp with 3 meals. If staying past 8AM the following day, and additional day rate will be charged)

Private Cabins: We have six 4-bedroom bunk rooms and two 2-bedroom bunk rooms available in the Ferguson Lodge for anyone who would rather not sleep in a tent.

Waterskiing/Wakeboard/Tubing — $25 per person, 1 hour of group instruction, 5 people per group


Register for Family Camp Here 

By filling out this registration you agree to and understand the following:


I am aware and understand that participating in activities while at Camp Sloane YMCA involves a potential risk of physical injury. I also am aware and understand that all of the program activities are strictly voluntary and it is my choice to participate in each activity to whatever degree I deep appropriate, after due consideration of my own physical health, abilities and medical condition.

I agree that I am solely responsible for my own participation and for my own physical and emotional well-being. I will not be under the influence of any chemical substance, including alcohol, while participating.

I willingly and knowingly assume for myself, my heirs, family members, executors, administrators, and assume all risk of physical injury and emotional upset which may occur during or after participating in any aspect of the program and to hold the YMCA, its employees, instructors, facilitators and agents harmless for any liability arising out of my participation in the program. Should the YMCA or anyone acting on their behalf be required to incur attorney’s fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to indemnify (to shift the responsibility for payment of damages to someone else) and hold the YMCA harmless for all such fees and cost. This release does not apply to any physical injury or emotional harm caused by negligence or willful misconduct of the YMCA, its employees, instructors, facilitators or agents.

I authorize the YMCA to have and use photographs, slides and videotapes of the parson named above as needed for its records and public relations programs.



Terms and Conditions
ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ARE PERMITTED ON CAMP SLOANE YMCA PROPERTY. For the safety of your pet and your fellow campers, leave your pet at home.Fireworks, firearms and personal motorized watercraft are prohibited. You will receive an overview of the weekend’s events, packing list and other information prior to Family Camp. 

The schedule for waterski lessons will be set at the beginning of the weekend

Payment and refund policy: 

Registration fees must be paid in full to secure housing assignment and entrance to Camp Sloane YMCA. You can pay by credit card or check. If you wish to pay by check, your check must be mailed in to Camp Sloane by August 25. No checks will be accepted after August 25, only credit card payments.

Early Bird registration fees must be paid in full no later than Friday, August 25. Registrations not paid in full by this date will be charged the late registration fee, regardless of the date on which the registration was received by Camp Sloane YMCA. 

Refunds for cancelled registration will be given until August 25, less a $100 cancellation fee. 

After August 25, no refunds of fees will be given except for documented medical reasons. 

Arrival and departure: 

Check-in is at the front gate. Any balance of registration fees must be paid upon arrival via credit card in order to enter Camp Sloane YMCA. Checks will only be accepted up until August 25, not at check-in. No one will be admitted without a registration paid in full. 


Check-in on Friday is between 5:00PM and 10:00PM 

Check-in on Saturday is between 8:00AM and 12:00PM 

The camp gate will be closed after 10:00 PM on Friday night. If you need to arrive at a time outside of the listed check-in times, call Camp Sloane at 860-435-2557 to make arrangements 

For the safety and security of everyone at Family Camp, all registered participants will be given a wristband on arrival. You are required to have your wristband on throughout the weekend. All vehicles will be given a parking pass. The parking pass must remain visible on the dashboard of your vehicle throughout the weekend. 

Section, Tent and Cabin Requests: 

We will be asking all our families if they prefer to stay on the Family side of camp or the Adult side. The Family side works well for folks who tend to be early to rise and have young children. Quiet hours will be from 10:00PM to 6:00AM. The adult side is great for night owls who like the quiet and serenity of morning to wash over them until just a few moments before breakfast. Quiet hours will be from midnight to 8:00AM. 

We will make every effort to honor your section and tent request. However, Camp Sloane YMCA reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding housing assignments. If you are unsure of where you stayed last year, please call Camp Sloane at 860-435-2557 and ask—we’ll help you out! 

In general, we assign one family to each tent. However, Camp Sloane YMCA reserves the right to assign participants to as many bed spaces as are in each tent (as many as eight). 

Cabin rooms are rented as a unit and are considered to be in the Family side of camp. They include the registration fee for as many as two or four people, depending on the number of beds in each room. A family or group may not register more people than the number of beds for each room.