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Preparing For Camp: 4 Days To Go!

With staff orientation now well under way and camp starting in just 4 short days, the arrival of campers is something that is on everyone's minds! Whether this is going to be your child's first summer at camp, or you're the parent of a seasoned veteran, here are some very important things you will need to know before you pull through the gate, and your camper’s ‘best summer ever’ begins. Check…

Checking In At Camp Sloane

We are now a few days into our first week of staff training and everyone's getting excited for the arrival of our first campers in just 13 days! If you're new to camp, you might be wondering how it all works when you first drop off your child on check in day (which is on the first Sunday of every session between 1pm and 3pm). We've put together an instructional video that runs through…