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Camper of the Week: Dylan (Senior Hill)

Camper of the Week


Name: Dylan.

Village: Senior Hill.

How many years have you been coming to Camp Sloane? 4.

What is your favorite activity? Dancing or horse riding.

Why do you keep coming back to camp? I keep coming back because of the people and the horses.

How has camp changed you? It has helped me to choose my path.

What is your favorite camp food? The coffee cake!

What is your best camp memory? I loved the time when I went on the Banana Boat.

What three things would you never come to camp without? Mia, my friends and the barn.

What do you love most about Camp Sloane? The people, coffee cake and the challenges.

What advice would you give to someone coming to camp for the first time? Don't start any drama - and just have fun!

How would you describe Camp Sloane in one word? Why? Friendship. The reason I picked this word is because people are here between 1 and 8 weeks and they build friendships. At the beginning they do not know each other and by the end they are crying when they leave because they're going to miss their new friends.