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Birch Bark News

Session 4 Comes To An End (2015)

Wow, time really does fly when you're having fun! We can't believe it's the end of Session 4 already! The session began two whole weeks ago with an amazing Monday Funday, full of section time, camp tours and plenty of games, before we all got together for the Opening Campfire. Then…

Time Flies When You're At Camp!

It's hard to believe that Session 3 is over already! It seems like it was just yesterday that all the campers were arriving for the start of the session. And what a fabulous session it's been! We started with our Opening Campfire and then the next day was Monday Funday, with all the campers exploring camp and playing games with the other kids and counselors in their sections. Activities…

Oh What A Wonderful Session!

Today marks the end of Session 2 at camp and we can't believe how quickly it has flown by. The session started with the fun and games of Monday Funday, as everyone got to know each other, and then it was time for the first week of activities. There was Soccer and Swimming, Horse Riding and Climbing, Rowing and Waterskiing, and much, much more! We even had an incredible Square Dance too! Then…