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There's Nothing Quite Like a Summer Camp Friendship

There are a few main reasons children come to camp — to have fun, to learn new things in their activities and, perhaps most importantly, to make friends! There is no other friendship quite the same as those made at summer camp. Where else do children spend 24 hours a day living, playing, learning and laughing right alongside one another? At Camp Sloane it is our goal to make sure that when our campers…

Sloane Stories: Helen Faulkner

It's week number four of our 'Sloane Stories' series, and today, Helen tells us about her 3 summers at Sloane and how working at camp influenced her career and life in general: "It is 20 years this year that I was a counsellor at Camp Sloane for 3 consecutive years in senior girls section & waterfront. That makes it 20 years since I met my husband — Tony Faulkner — waterski instructor!…

Sloane Superheroes 2015: Program & Section Directors

Last week you met Charlotte, our LEAD Director for summer 2015, and now it's time to introduce our Program & Section Directors, who will be making sure all of our programs, activities and sections are kept running smoothly!  

Do They Really Like Camp?

We're always talking about how much our campers love being at camp, and the impact being here has on them. Well it's time we heard straight from them! Below is the first video in a series where our campers talk about what they think of camp! Keep your eyes peeled for more videos in the coming weeks.

Sloane Stories: Audrey Harris

The third installment in our 'Sloane Stories' series - Audrey tells us how she met her husband at Sloane. "In 2006, I traveled from Chicago to Connecticut to spend my summer as the Equestrian Director. At camp, I met the Athletic Director (Richard) from Wyoming.....7 years later and many miles traveled we were married back in Chicago!! We are forever grateful to our experience at Camp…

Sloane Superheroes 2015: L.E.A.D. Director

Last week we introduced our Summer 2015 Girl's Camp Section Heads in the first part of our 'Sloane Superheroes' series, and this week it's time to say hello to our L.E.A.D. Director, who will be providing our young counselors in training with everything they need to know…

Sloane Stories: Mary (Ammann) Vargas

Here is the second post in our 'Sloane Stories' series — this week we hear from Mary, whose experiences at Sloane have influenced her entire life ever since: "Sloane is in the blood in our family. My grandmother first came to Sloane shortly after it opened in 1929 or 1930, we think. My mother was an LIT as a teen…

Sloane Superheroes 2015: Girl's Camp Section Heads

This year we're going to be doing something totaly new — introducing the Camp Sloane staff (or superheroes, as we like to call them) for summer 2015 right here on the blog! First up are the Girl's Camp Section Heads, who will be in charge of taking care of all the girls on camp this summer! You may recognise these friendly faces from past summers.  

Volunteer Weekend! April 24th-26th.

  Volunteer Weekend is fast approaching! Join us April 24th-26th and help change the lives of our summer campers! We need your help to get ready for summer!  

Sloane Stories: Carolyn Vaughan

This is the first post in what is going to become an incredible collection of Sloane Stories - today we hear from Carolyn, who spent many summers at camp as both a camper and on staff: "Hi, My name is Carolyn Vaughan my nick name was Knuck during my tenure at Camp, from a Pioneer in 1957 to Girls Camp Director 1973. I am a grateful Camp Sloane Alumni. I had some of the best times of my…