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Camper of the week for Session 4 Week B: Eliza Eder (LEAD Girls)

Name: Eliza Eder

Village: LEAD girls

What is your favorite activity? My favorite activity is paddlemaster.

Why do you keep coming back to camp? I keep coming back because of the community and opportunities camp provides.

How has camp changed you? Camp has made me more aware of how important it is to be yourself.

What is your favorite camp food? My favorite camp food is Taco Tuesday.

What is your best camp memory? My best camp memory is lying on a paddleboard and looking at the sky on the lake while surrounded by my best friends.

What 3 things would you never come to camp without? I would never come to camp without a journal, friendship bracelet string, and a flashlight.

What do you love most about Camp Sloane? I love the environment of camp. Everyone is kind, excited, fun and accepting.

What advice would you give someone coming to camp for the first time? I would say it's important to relax and have fun.

How would you describe Camp Sloane in one word? Why? I would describe Camp Sloane as awesome because the people I've met and the things I've experienced are nothing short of awesome.