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Session 2 Week B Diary

The second week of session 2 began with excitement for a new set of activities and adventures! We happily made it through the week with plenty of sunshine and countless memories made. Here are some of the highlights...

Waterski camp had a successful overnight with the kids skiing in the evening to end off the day and first thing the next morning to ski with the sunrise - how amazing is that?! Also they got to enjoy a delicious lobster dinner - yum!

Then came a highlight for all the seniors and students - KAOS! For anyone who has not experienced this yet - your time will come! It's super fun and legendary amongst Camp Sloane alumni. So safe to say when the students and seniors had their respective Kaos nights - there was lots of fun and smiles all around!


For our creative campers the CA & PA showcase were the highlights of the week and there are definitely some talented campers at Camp Sloane. The CA gallery included creations that campers had made during the week with items such as drawings and sculptures featured. The PA showcase featured singers, dancers and a bit of magic too!

All in all it was a great second session - here's to the third!