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Session 2 (Week A) Diary

So session 2 started off with a bang with another successful Monday Funday as campers and counselors alike dressed up in their craziest and brightest outfits for the day. Everyone loves a little bit of fun and here at Camp Sloane we are no exception. 

Tuesday started off with the first round of activities for session 2 and everyone was very excited to see what they got on their schedules. On one side of the camp the horse riders learnt how to 'go around the world' and trot while on the other side water skiiers learnt the correct techniques to standing up and even dropping a ski!

The next couple of days passed in a haze of summer sunshine and sunscreen while campers bonded more with their tents during tent bonding time or got to know their counselors more during their vespers. Then came the 4th of July, which was filled with a flurry of activity! Two of our supervisors were the jesters for the day and they got everyone excited at flag and we loved their patriotic outfits.

The morning started off with the first three periods going on as normal - but after lunch the 4th of July festivities officially begun with a carnival! Campers could go around to different stalls and earn tickets at games such as mini golf and there was even a fortune teller!

But the fun and festivities weren't over just yet - next up was the 4th of July Square Dance and everyone at camp was buzzing to get their dancing shoes on for the big night. As always the square dance was filled with great music and even better dance moves! 

If anyone thought the 4th of July celebrations were complete then they were wrong! Straight after the square dance all the campers and counselors were led to to Lake Wononpakook by a parade of decorated cars. Everyone was super eager to find out what awaited them at the end of the parade - fireworks!! The 4th of July festivities ended with a fun display of fireworks for everyone to enjoy!

Finally, before everyone went to bed, the theme for the upcoming Theme Day on Sunday was announced - 'Escape from the Forbidden Jungle'. All the campers started bonding with their teams and coming up with exciting chants. The teams were as follows: Orange TIgers, Purple Panthers, Pink Piranhas, Grey Scorpions, White Eagles and Black Cobras.

Theme Day came upon us and everyone was super eager to show their best spirit and skills during all the activites. Each team was broken up into Mental, Physical and Skills sub teams and went on a fun rotation of activities that would test them and see which team would come out on top. At the end of the day the winning team was the Pink Piranhas! Congrats to everyone who did their best.

What a first week of the second session! Now onto the second - it's sure to be as amazing as the first! Xxx