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Session 1 Diary

As always our first session started with a bang! Before we knew it cars were driving into villages and campers were arriving at camp! We were so excited to see the kids and get this season started because it could only mean one thing - SUMMER HAS STARTED! OH YEAH!

Everyone got settled into their tents and got to know their counselors and fellow tent mates - camp had officially started! The first Monday Funday of the season was one for the record books and everyone went to town with their brightest colors and craziest outfits of the day - nothing was out of the question! The day ended with opening campfire which everyone loved!

The Stenior boys and girls loved their eveing program of Kaos - a legend among campers and one everyone loves! Followed by an ice cream party, this was definitely a great day!

First day of activities turned out to be our first rainy day of the season. But no worries because so much fun was had that no one noticed the rain. Games like noodle hockey kept everyone entertained!

Everyone was excited the next day because the sun was out - woo hoo! And activities were officially underway, much to the delight of all the campers.

Activities go from the climbing tower, athletics and horse riding to creative and performing arts, as well as boating activities and water skiing. Vespers that night were filled with tales of reaching the top of the climbing tower and creating a funny story in improv class, among many others of course.

The rest of the week passed by in a blur of sunscreen, sunshine and village chants! Everyone came back from their days excited about their activites and ready to share with their tents. All in all it was a successful week 1 session at Camp Sloane! And we cannot wait for session 2 to start...