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Camper of Session 1: Nava Vossoughian (Pio Girls)



Name: Nava Vossoughian

Village: Pio Girls

How many years have you been coming to Camp Sloane? 1 year in resident camp and 1 year at day camp.

Why do you keep coming back to camp? Because it's really fun!

What's your favorite activity? Rock climbing.

How has camp changed you? It made me less judgy.

What is your favorite camp food? Cereal.

What is your best camp memory? Going on the banana boat.

What 3 things would you never come to camp without? Bathing suit, clothes and sleeping bag.

What do you love most about Camp Sloane? The people!

What advice would you give someone coming to camp for the first time? Not to be scared because it's a really big camp.

How would you describe Sloane in one word? Why? Better than awesome. This camp is in nature and there is so much to do! You also make so many connections and new friends.