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The Summer Has Come to An End

The last week of the summer has absolutely flown by, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been jam-packed full of activities and awesome fun!

The Session started with an fantastic Opening Campfire, where all the staff put on funny skits for the whole camp to watch, ending with everyone's favorite song… 'Purple Soup'!

After a great first night in the tents, it was time for Monday Funday, a day where everyone dresses up in their brightest outfits and all the campers go around camp with their Villages, playing games, doing different activities and getting to know each other.

On Tuesday it was time for activities to start and, after receiving their schedules, the campers went off to enjoy their first day of learning new skills or doing their favorite sport — we had all sorts of various activities on offer this week, from Culinary, to Basketball, to Camp Crafts, Sailing and even Filmmaking!

Our Waterski campers enjoyed their overnight on Wednesday, with an amazing Lobster dinner, followed by a sunset ski, an outdoor movie and a night spent in the Teepee!

Thursday was our all-camp activity, Goldrush… in the morning the Sheriff rode up to flag on a horse, announcing that the Bandits were on the loose and they were looking for the gold that the Miners had found! After a delicious cook out dinner, everyone split up into teams and went off in search of gold, playing games to win more that they could exchange for 'Ramoneys' at the bank to then spend in the Saloon. But suddenly, oh no… the Bandits robbed the bank and stole all the gold! The campers ran around and found the Bandits, bringing them to the pool where Judge Lisa ordered them to walk the plank into the water. It was a fantastic evening, full excitement, and those pesky Bandits learned their lesson in the end!

Then before we knew it, it was the last full day of the session, and the whole summer! Campers spent the day at their activities, before we all sat together for our last banquet meal, followed by one last Closing Campfire, where each Village put on a skit to the theme of 'Superheroes', and the Torch award winners from each Village were announced.

It was an incredible week, and a brilliant way to round off an absolutely amazing summer! See you all again for Summer 2018!