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Session 4 was AMAZING!

As our last 2 week session of the summer, we were excited for Session 4 to begin. We kicked it off with a great Opening Campfire, and all the staff put on some very funny skits for the whole camp to watch, they particularly enjoyed the ones where water was thrown and their counselors got wet!

The first full day of the session was Monday Funday, which meant lots of brightly colored clothes and fun games. Campers stayed with their Villages all day, getting to know camp and each other, before choosing their activities for the week.

Activities started on Tuesday, with campers enjoying all sorts of things, such as Climbing, Soccer, Sailing and Culinary, where they learnt new skills and made new friends, in time for the Square Dance on Thursday night. We all danced the night away to songs such as the 'Hoedown Throwdown' and 'Montego Bay', as well as learning some traditional team dances too.

Half of camp went on their overnight towards the end of the week, cooking their tin foil surprise dinners on the campfire and enjoying some delicious s'mores before spending the night out under the stars.

At the weekend it was our all camp Olympics, with a very special opening ceremony on Saturday night and the fun and games starting on Sunday morning. All the teams competed across a variety of events and activities, culminating in an epic relay race across camp. The final winners were team Australia, who took the Gold to some tremendous applause, but congratulations go to all the teams who gave their all throughout the day.

Our Riding campers went on their off-camp trip mid-session, where they got the opportunity to have a go at horse vaulting and learn more about the sport, before coming back to camp for their overnight, during which they enjoyed a movie and a fun night sleeping in hammocks in the barn.

With the start of the second week of the session, every camper got to choose a new set of activities, with options such as Padddlemaster, Mountain Biking, Filmmaking and much more.

On Tuesday the Waterski campers enjoyed a delicious lobster dinner, followed by a sunset ski, a movie and a night in the Teepee down at Swim Beach. The next day the remaining campers, who couldn't do their overnight in the first week due to the weather, headed out to their spots around camp for some s'mores, campfire stories and a fun night out of their tents.

As the session began to draw to a close, we were treated to a spectacular Performing Arts Showcase, with campers and staff putting on some great performances — there was singing, dancing and even some comedy!

And finally, on the last night of camp, we first enjoyed a fantastic Banquet dinner, with everyone getting dressed up in their finest clothes, before heading down to the outdoor stage for the Closing Campfire. Every Village put on skits to the theme of 'Sloane on Vacation', and even though we had to have a short break in the middle while we moved inside due to the liquid sunshine, it didn't do anything to dampen anyone's spirits after such a fantastic session!

Hopefully we'll see you all again next summer!