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We LOVED Session 3!

We were so excited to start Session 3 and see all the new and returning campers! Everyone enjoyed a fantastic Opening Campfire, with all the staff putting on skits at our outdoor stage, much to the entertainment of the campers. 

The next day was Monday Funday, and everyone dressed up in their brightest clothes to compete for the best costume prizes! Campers spent the day with their Villages, making friends, touring camp and playing games, before choosing their activities for the rest of the week.

We had a great week of activities, with campers enjoying options such as Paddleboard Skills, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Soccer and much more. Towards the end of the week we had our cook-out dinner and Square Dance, where we danced the night away to the Cotton Eye Joe and other traditional team dances.

On Saturday it was backwards day, or rather 'Yadrutas', and the schedule was run in reverse, so we started the day with Evening activities, and ended with Period 1, to the amusement of all the campers and staff. Then that evening there was great excitement as everyone went to the Performing Arts building for what they thought would be a movie night. However, when the movie started, and the Color War Generals appeared on the screen, screams of excitement broke out as everyone realized what was happening… the Color War Break! Everyone went outside to Circus field and were greeted by their team Generals, who ran around with colored sparklers, getting everyone hyped up and chanting.

Color War on Sunday was AMAZING. Every team member wore their team colors and got involved in all the games, which included dodgeball, 'bobbing' in the pool, a tug of war and an epic obstacle course (with help from the Lakeville Fire Department!). We ended the day with a relay race around the whole of camp, followed by the final battle… a color powder war! The final winners were the Red team, whose spirit and energy throughout the whole day won them enough points to take the top spot!

Monday saw everyone start their new activities for the week, and campers spent their next few days learning new skills in Fine Art, Archery, Sailing, Culinary, Swimming and more. Our Lead campers went on a few off-camp trips, volunteering and helping out the local community, while some of our other campers enjoyed a hike up to the top of Bear Mountain.

The Performing Arts Campers went on their off camp trip on Tuesday evening, to an open air theater where they were treated to a performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  On Wednesday night, the Waterski campers had their overnight, with a delicious lobster dinner and fun sunset ski, before settling down for a movie and a night camping out in the teepee down at The Point.

Then for Thursday's evening program, all of camp got to enjoy the Performing Arts Camp production of 'Seussical The Musical', which they had been working incredibly hard on all Session. The show was an absolute success, and the cast received a standing ovation at the end.

And then just like that, the Session was over, concluding with a fantastic Banquet dinner and some excellent skits by all the campers at our Closing Campfire, to the theme of 'Sloane in the Future'.

See you all soon… Check out today is between 10am and 12pm.