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Session 1 Round Up

Camp Sloane is already back in full swing just one week in! Daytime activities like Rock Band, Water Skiing, Soccer, Culinary, Climbing, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Sailing and many more, which are powered of course on the basis of profuse enthusiasm from all of the campers and staff!

Evening activities this week included Kaos (a giant shaving cream fight!), Banana Boat Rides, Campfires, and Lip-Sync Battles! We even had a Gold-Rush, where the campers hunted around camp for gold in quests of challenging activities and stumping some pesky bandits. The campers had their way, and at their request the bandits had to walk the plank into the pool --- good work guys!

The campers have been acclimated in their sections, which after a week one could really deem as mini-communities. Tent-life is built on the basis of strong counselor-camper relationships, which manifests itself in an evening wrap-up known as vespers, with each member of the tent sharing their “rose, bud, and thorn” of the day. It is this tight-knit culture that exudes a family atmosphere that truly makes camp a great place to be!

What a great start to the summer. See everyone soon!