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Sloane Stories: Suzy Pollard

In our most recent Sloane Story, Suzy tells us all about her summers as an international camp counselor at Sloane.

"I fell in love the first time when I arrived at camp, with life, the food, the chants, the bugs, hiking up that monster hill to the girls student section! I came as an international counselor and worked in Student section. I remember looking at the stars with my campers, playing chubby bunny, crying so hard it hurt at the end of the summer, and working the fall seasons with my friends.

Sloane gave me the opportunity to simply be, and make the best friends that I have ever known. I have traveled the world with these folks, thank goodness for facebook as I can now see my campers be Moms, Dr's and grown up.

I will send my kids to sloane… I only hope they still chant in the dining hall, and have Oval time. Perhaps Orova will teach them how to row!"


Suzy Pollard

Years at camp: 1998-2001


If you would like to get in touch with Suzy, please email info@campsloane.org. Or if you would like to share your own Sloane Story, you can do so here.