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What do you mean by 'Camp Magic'? 

Camp Sloane provides a safe environment where both campers and staff can be their essential selves. They experience success, and learn from failure, they get to take healthy risks, and become more confident. They develop life-long skills, become more independent and forge the truest of friendships. Oh and all of this happens in just one session! How could you not describe that as magic!?

More specifically, anyone who has ever spent a session at Camp Sloane knows that there are moments, and memories which truly feel, well, magical! It's hard to describe to anyone who hasn't experienced it, but it's a kind of happiness that fills the heart, it might come from reaching the top of the climbing tower or perhaps making that three-point shot in basketball. I think though, that it comes from the people around you, supporting you and praising you. From realising just how great the friends you have here are, and how your friendships are unlike any others you've ever had before.

Below is an example of some of the Camp Magic I witnessed last summer:

Before I start, it is worth noting that we had an extraordinarily dry summer, with hardly any days having to be switched to our 'rain plan' activity schedule. But as ever, here in the Berkshires, when it rains, it pours. It was a midsession Wednesday evening, and we had moved campers into the dining hall for shelter. Bearing in mind some sections were missing out on their pool parties and cook outs, as I was heading towards the dining hall to check on everyone I was expecting some complaints, but when I opened the door I was hit with an intoxicating energy. Every single camper and staff member was on their feet, having the biggest dining hall dance party i've ever seen! Not one person complained about the weather, or having to switch from their scheduled activities, instead they embraced each other's company and made their own fun! Looking around and seeing the smiles and laughter, I really felt the camp magic in that moment! 

What does 'Camp Magic' mean to you, as a Camp Sloane Alumni? No doubt lots of different things for lots of different people, which is great, in fact that's part of the magic!

Can you help us out, by sharing your magical camp moment? Use #SloaneMagic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we'll share your stories! 

Thanks everyone, 

Ramon Wiersema — Program Director