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Preparing For Camp: 4 Days To Go!

With staff orientation now well under way and camp starting in just 4 short days, the arrival of campers is something that is on everyone's minds! Whether this is going to be your child's first summer at camp, or you're the parent of a seasoned veteran, here are some very important things you will need to know before you pull through the gate, and your camper’s ‘best summer ever’ begins.

Check in is between 1pm and 3pm

Please do not arrive at camp before 1pm. We have an efficient check in process, and we promise you won’t be waiting around for long. Please do not arrive any later than 3pm, we want to start your campers session on time. If you think you will be later, please call our office (860/435-2557) to let us know your estimated time of arrival.

If you're new to Camp Sloane you can see exactly how our check in process works over on our YouTube channel.

Please — No dogs at camp! We recognize that your dog is a member of your family. Please understand that not all Camp Sloane Campers like dogs, and not all dogs like each other. We expect that you will leave your dog at home or in the care of a trusted friend or kennel when you are at Camp Sloane with your camper!


All medical forms should be submitted to camp BEFORE your arrival! You can manage your forms from your online account, by logging in and navigating to the ‘Forms and Documents’ Section.

There are 4 key parts to the medical forms:

  • Health History – this is the online form that the parent fills out.
  • Parent authorization – This is a form you should print, read and sign at the bottom. You should also photocopy your insurance card onto this form. You may upload this directly to your online account or email it to info@campsloane.org
  • Physical Examination – You may print our form, and have your child’s doctor fill it out, or you can provide a copy of a printed physical report from your doctor’s office that you received within the last 2 years. You can upload this to your online account or email it to info@campsloane.org
  • Immunization Record – You may either print and fill out our form, or provide a print out from your doctors office. You can upload this form directly to your online account or email it to info@campsloane.org
  • If your child will take prescription medication while at camp – you will need to fill out the medication authorization form, and have the prescriber sign it. You can bring this to camp with you, when you check in your camper’s medications with the camp nurse. This form is required by the state of Connecticut, only in the case your child will take prescription medication

Camper Store Accounts

You can add money to your campers store account by logging into your online account, and clicking the ‘View Camp Store Account’ link. From there you can monitor and fund your campers balance.

Parent Handbook

The parent handbook is essential reading for all parents. It is a part of the camp disclaimer/agreement, and contains pertinent information to your campers stay. Often things change year-to-year, so even seasoned returning parents should read it each before each season.  This can be found by logging into your online account, and clicking the ‘Forms and Documents’ link.

We are a technology free camp, so please leave the phones, handheld video games and music players at home — this is for your camper's benefit as it allows them to get away from screens, try new things and form fantastic new friendships.

Camper Food Policy

Please note that campers may not have any food items at camp, or sent to them in packages while they are at camp. We provide 3 nutritious meals per day, and also a mid-day snack. Candy or any food items sent to camp will be disposed of, per state regulations.

Camper Bunk assignments

We cannot release any bunking information until your arrival. We honor single reciprocal bunk requests where possible. Please trust us to provide your camper with a successful environment.


A laundry service is provided ONLY for campers staying longer than 2 weeks, so please make sure your camper has enough clothes for 14 days!

Online Forms

All of the forms we need from you before your camper's arrival at camp can be found on your online account on on our website here. You can also email, mail or fax the forms to us too.

Being open and honest on all of your forms will ensure that we can provide the best possible care for your child — information will only ever be shared with those that need to know it.

Missing Home Is Normal

It is perfectly natural to be worried about your child coming to camp, especially if this is the first time they have been away from home. One concern for a lot of parents is that their child will miss home. The fact is that many campers, regardless of their age or whether they've been to camp before, will miss home. So it's important to talk to your child about this before camp, let them know that it's perfectly normal and if it does happen, there are plenty of counselors and other campers there to help them out. Once a child experiences missing home though, they learn how to deal with it, becoming stronger and more self-reliant.

Another thing to note is that it's important not to promise to pick up your child if things aren't perfect. Camp is a lot of fun, and campers have the chance to have new experiences, make excellent friendships and push themselves. Camp is a great learning experience, and occasionally there will be things that come up that may challenge your child, but what's awesome about being at camp is that it's a safe environment where campers are surrounded with plenty of support. If your child thinks they can just get picked up if they feel sad, miss home or something isn't working out, they won't have that same wonderful experience. So let your child know that you're confident they are going to do great at camp and that they can overcome any challenges.

Get in touch

If you have ANY questions at all about camp, or simply want to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can call toll free on 800-545-9367 or email us at info@campsloane.org. You can also keep up to date with everything that's going on at camp this summer via our Facebook Page, on Twitter, YouTube, or on Instagram.