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Sloane Stories: Gordon Hope

In our newest Sloane Story we hear from Gordon, who came to camp aged 11 and has some great memories of hiking and swimming at the old Outpost.

"I had a wonderful time at Camp Sloane, ages 11 & 12. I do have [...] a brief story. About 6 or 7 of us & our counselor hiked a few miles to the Outpost Camp, up a dirt/gravel road to a small but pristine pond that had the ruins of an old cabin on it's shore.

Our counselor, John Tenney by name, told us there was a rumor that the cabin had once belonged to Babe Ruth before his passing in the late 40's. Anyhow, the water was crystal clear & you could see the bottom. There were abundant fish, including catfish, bass, bluegills & pickerel. The most amazing thing was that as we were cleaning out our pans after eating hamburger that night, the catfish were eating the hamburger scraps right out of our pans. It was as if the fish were tame & not afraid of humans! We swam in the pond but didn't fish.

It was a most incredible experience."


Gordon Hope

Years at camp: August, 1962 & August, 1963


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