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Sloane Superheroes 2015: Activity Heads (Part 3)

Here's the last Superhero introduction of our Activity Heads— these awesome staff members will be running some of the most popular areas on camp this summer!


 Name: Carter

 Role at camp: Boating Director

 Number of years at camp:  This is my first summer working for Camp Sloane but prior to that I spent 6 years as a camper and my CIT year at Camp Deerwood which is located on Squam Lake in New Hampshire.

 Favorite camp chant/food: Since I am new to Camp Sloane this summer I do not yet know much about the songs and food. At my old camp though, we had this special treat called Congo Bars which was basically chocolate and coconut on a graham cracker base. The bars were shaped roughly like brownies and were just the best!

What you are most looking forward to this summer?: I am all about being in on or around water and since I am directing the boating at Sloane this summer I am in heaven. I have had a chance to visit the lake and I am so excited to spend the whole summer there with the other counselors and campers. It has been way too long since I was last at camp and I can't wait to get started! This summer is going to be a blast!


Name: Dakota

Role at camp: Creative Arts Director

Number of years at camp: I think this is my 7th (nonconsecutive) year at camp. I was a camper from 9 to 12, then came back as a LEAD (when the program was just getting started… it didn't have the structure of numbers it has today) and as a JC (that was 2008). This will be my first summer since 2008 and I am very excited!

Favorite camp song: We All Love Sloane (toot toot)

What you are most looking forward to this summer?: Collecting quotes from all the staff!


 Name: Rachel

 Role at camp: Girl's Waterfront Director

 Number of years at camp: This will be my 6th year at Sloane! 2 years as a camper and 4th on staff!

 Favorite camp song/chant: Difficult question...My favorite is either "the little Jeep song," or GIMME ONE" or the Student Girl's chant that goes, "Boom boom, bang bang, gotsta have a boomerang" as I was a Student Girl... do these chants/songs even have names?!

 What you are most looking forward to this summer?: Having another summer full of swimming, teaching, laughing, learning, and square dancing at one of the greatest places in the world.