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Sloane Stories: Bill O'Neill

This week in our 'Sloane Stories' series we hear from Bill, whose family has been a part of Sloane history since the 1930s!

"I went to Sloane in the late '50s through '65 and loved every minute of it. There are so many [stories]! Tri State Hike, earning Shark badge, the movies in the social hall, "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad", developing film in the photo lab (in the social hall), Turtle Cove.....and on and on...

We're probably the oldest family around who attended and worked there.  My mother was a counselor in '39 or '38, something like that.  Barbara Williamson. One funny thing: the hiking guy was Art Green, I was a CLT on the hiking staff, we used to pass through a place called Sage's Ravine on the tri state hike.  When ever Art ran the hike, it was always raining thus "Art Green-Sages Ravine= Rain!"  Silly rhyme… but true.  I remember Jerry Ellis, Chris Eifert, Bob Fisher, Harry Isakane, Mr. Burr, Bob Walters, it goes on and on!

Another trivia bit:  We used to "live" at the Outpost.  We carried a radio with us on hikes, and when I called the hiking shack we'd say "KKA8834 unit 3 to base"  Pretty good memory for over 50 years!

The "[fisherman's] shack" was a very small cabin located between the boys and girls waterfronts.  It was urban legend that some crusty old man used to live in the shack and fished the lake. When I was there we had rowboats and canoes, that's it.  Another guy was in some of my sections and maybe tents: Marshall Hoyt.  His nickname was "meats".  I was there when the old dining hall burned down, off season, and the new one appeared next summer.

My wife of 29 years and her brothers also went to Sloane.

Some more names [I remember]:
Tom 'snuffy" Young
Steve Eifert
Halsey Collins
Dick Crawley
Austin House
J.C. Baas
Bruce Rayburn"

Bill O'Neill

Years at camp: 1959-1964


If you would like to get in touch with Bill, please email info@campsloane.org. Or if you would like to share your own Sloane Story, you can do so here.