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Sloane Stories: Helen Faulkner

It's week number four of our 'Sloane Stories' series, and today, Helen tells us about her 3 summers at Sloane and how working at camp influenced her career and life in general:

"It is 20 years this year that I was a counsellor at Camp Sloane for 3 consecutive years in senior girls section & waterfront. That makes it 20 years since I met my husband β€” Tony Faulkner β€” waterski instructor! We are still happily married and have 3 gorgeous children - Ethan 11, Erin 6 and Orla 5. We live in Wales, UK and both teach in secondary school.

I have camp sloane to thank for my career - it was working at post camp that I realised that I wanted to teach and 19 years later I still am! And obviously I have Camp Sloane to thank for finding me a husband!
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us - we were hoping to one summer make the journey back to camp so that we could show our children where it all began!"

Helen Faulkner (was Crocker)

Years at camp: 1995-1997


If you would like to get in touch with Helen, please email info@campsloane.org. Or if you would like to share your own Sloane Story, you can do so here.