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Sloane Superheroes 2015: Program & Section Directors

Last week you met Charlotte, our LEAD Director for summer 2015, and now it's time to introduce our Program & Section Directors, who will be making sure all of our programs, activities and sections are kept running smoothly!


Name: Ramon

Role at camp: Program Director

Number of years at camp: This will be my 10th summer on staff.

Favourite camp food: My favorite camp food is most definitely turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, which we serve on the last evening of every session.

What you are most looking forward to this summer?:  I'm most looking forward to our camp theme days, especially Color War, which will be awesome this summer!



 Name: Shea

 Role at camp: Section Director

 Number of years at camp: 13!

 Favourite camp food: I love the fact that camp always has a fruit bowl at breakfast and a fully stocked salad bar at lunch and dinner with lots of different veggies, legumes and hummus too!

 What's your favourite camp memory?: Too many to count! One of my favorite camp memories was learning to row with Mr. Orova when I was a Student girl. I had always been interested in rowing, but had never had the opportunity to try it. Not only was he a great instructor, but he gave me the confidence I needed to go back home and join my school's crew team! I went on to be a crew instructor at camp years later and rowed at the college level as well. For me camp is a family affair, so I also have countless fond memories of sharing family camp with my parents and brother, who is a fellow camper and staff alumni.