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Do They Really Like Camp?

We're always talking about how much our campers love being at camp, and the impact being here has on them. Well it's time we heard straight from them! Below is the first video in a series where our campers talk about what they think of camp! Keep your eyes peeled for more videos in the coming weeks.


Every child deserves the opportunity, and advantage of attending camp! Every child deserves the sense of belonging and autonomy you see in the campers above!

You can help us change the world one camper at a time by inviting your friends to come to camp with you this summer! If everyone invites just one friend to sign up to Camp Sloane, we will positively impact hundreds of children! Its the easiest way to make the biggest difference! What will that camper talk about in their video? How will they change the world, and be a better person, all because you introduced them to camp?