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Join the Camp Sloane Annual Virtual 5k

Join the Camp Sloane 3rd annual Virtual 5k!

Are you CAMP SLOANE STRONG? If so, prove it at our 3rd Annual Camp Sloane Virtual 5K and make your miles even more meaningful by joining in our generational fundraising smackdown and prove once and for all who is THE GREATEST SLOANE GENERATION!

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What:  3rd Annual Camp Sloane Virtual 5K to raise money to HELP SEND KIDS TO CAMP

When:  September 1st – October 18th

Where:  Wherever you are

Why:  To support Camp Sloane's financial assistance program & to finally decide who is the greatest Sloane Generation – Silents; Boomers; Gen X; Millennials; or Gen Z

You can have your whole family join one generation or join, individually, the generation in which they/you were born. Generally, the generations are divided up as follows:

• Generation Z – Born after 1995

• Millennials – Born between 1980 – 1994

• Generation X – Born between 1966 – 1979

• Baby Boomers – Born between 1946 - 1965

• Silent Generation – Born before 1945

Who:  Anyone can register... you, your friends, families, schoolmates, and co-workers. OR anyone can contribute by making a donation directly to your team.

Cost:  $45 adults/$30 kids under 18 and your registration will include a cool Sloane 5k medal

Not only is Camp Sloane holding a virtual 5K fun run this September and October, we are also looking to raise $15,000 to HELP SEND KIDS TO CAMP!

The money we raise now will insure that we can continue to offer scholarships to the 489 kids who rely on our help to make Camp Sloane a reality for them and their families.

Camp Sloane is an essential service to the hundreds and hundreds of kids who come through our gates every summer so camp needs you now more than ever. Sign up now and start fundraising for your generation's team!